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Specialist IT
Without the ego.

The recruitment industry doesn’t have a great reputation – and we’re here to change that. Our purpose is to put people up there alongside profits. It’s only by prioritising our recruiters, our clients, our candidates and our local community that we can be truly successful. And the more successful we are, the more they benefit. It’s a perfect winning circle.

Why you will love working for SR2

Looking for your next recruitment role? There are so many reasons to consider joining the SR2 team.

A culture that puts people first
A competitive commission structure
Great incentives
Autonomy and accountability
True work-life balance
A supportive team

And of course, there’s the opportunity to give back through getting involved with our chosen charity projects, making a real difference in your community.

Find your next hire

If you’ve got an IT role to fill, either on a permanent or contract basis, talk to us. Our goal is to make your recruitment process as simple as possible, and create an action plan that fits the bill and the budget in equal measure. If we can’t help, we won’t muck about, we’ll just tell you. But there’s a really good chance we can.

supporting the homeless

At the moment we’re supporting the homeless

Bristol has one of the highest rates of homelessness anywhere in the country, it’s around twice as high as the national average. Here at SR2 we are focusing our attentions on doing what we can to support this cause in line with our charity partners at the Quartet Community Foundation ensuring we gift both our time and a percentage of our profits in order to make a difference to those projects in need. If you are a local charity helping this cause then we would love to hear from you.