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“When You Have Exhausted All The Possibilities, Remember This – You Haven’t” – An Interview With Will Hardman, Elucidata.

“When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this – you haven’t” – An interview with Will Hardman, Elucidata.

I started working with Will and the team at Elucidata early last year and when…

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Codebar Bristol

Codebar Bristol

Codebar is a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by…

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‘Be Confident In The Fact You Are A Woman’ – An Interview With Holly Nolan

‘Be confident in the fact you are a woman’ – An interview with Holly Nolan

Kicking off Women Rock 2019 with a fab interview from the amazingly talented Holly Nolan,…

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Women Rock 2018 ‘I Can, I Will ….. Watch Me!’

Women Rock 2018 ‘I can, I will ….. watch me!’

Happy New Year to all and Happy 1st Birthday Women Rock. What a year it’s…

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Go For It! Have Confidence In Your Ability – An Interview With Corinne Sherman

Go for it! Have confidence in your ability – An Interview with Corinne Sherman

I first spoke to Corinne when we launched Bristol Technology Volunteers and quickly, we decided…

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WTF ……………. Is Networking?!

WTF ……………. is networking?!

I was recently invited to London to speak at 101 ways WTF (Women Tech Focus)…

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‘Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try’ An Interview With Claire Rogers

‘Do or do not, there is no try’ An interview with Claire Rogers

We recently met Claire after a referral from the amazing Eriol Fox. Claire moved over…

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“You Only Live Once But, If You Get It Right, Once Is Enough” – An Interview With Georgia Stewart

“You only live once but, if you get it right, once is enough” – An interview with Georgia Stewart

The winner of 'Future Spark' at the sparkies earlier this year, a good friend of…

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‘Believe In Yourself And Assert Yourself’ An Interview With Helenna Vaughan-Smith

‘Believe in yourself and assert yourself’ An interview with Helenna Vaughan-Smith

'Nearly a third of women in tech say lack of female leaders and role models…

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