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Take A Chance, Life Is A Chance! The Person Who Goes Farthest Is Generally The One Who Is Willing To Do And Dare – An Interview With Jaycee Cheong
Role Model Ladders – A Concrete Path To Getting More Women In Technology.

Role Model Ladders – A concrete path to getting more women in technology.

I have had a couple of very interesting and insightful meetings over the past week…

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The Secret Of Change Is To Focus All Of Your Energy, Not On Fighting The Old, But On Building The New. An Interview With Kate Jones

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. An interview with Kate Jones

DevOpsGuys build high performing IT teams within enterprise organisations. The company work with household names…

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Get Stuck In And Give The Tech Industry A Try! An Interview With Ruth Waterfield

Get stuck in and give the tech industry a try! An interview with Ruth Waterfield

This is an interview that I was really excited to do, and explores the personal…

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Never Be Afraid To Stand Out From The Crowd (says The Mum With Blue Hair). An Interview With Emma Hopkinson-Spark

Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd (says the mum with blue hair). An interview with Emma Hopkinson-Spark

I met with Emma earlier this year and within the first 2 minutes it was…

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Always Remember That Nobody In This Industry Knows Everything. An Interview With Rachel Baker & Rocketmakers

Always remember that nobody in this industry knows everything. An interview with Rachel Baker & Rocketmakers

So who are RocketMakers They are a team of passionate experts who design, develop and…

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Meet Darcie

Meet Darcie

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Darcie Cornish to the SR2 family. As…

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This Is My Shot To Do What I Want To Do! An Interview With Genesis Self-Fordham

This is my shot to do what I want to do! An interview with Genesis Self-Fordham

Genesis is a full-stack developer at Ecotricity, Bristol. I met her at the WTHub last year. She is…

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Don’t Stop Following Your Path, No Matter What Others Will Tell You. An Interview With Karen Copley

Don’t stop following your path, no matter what others will tell you. An Interview with Karen Copley

What’s behind the world’s most loved pizza company? Fun and innovative people who are driven…

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