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Giving back
to our

SR2 stands for Socially Responsible Recruitment, and that’s not just a clever way to help us stand out from the crowd. Putting people up there alongside profits is part of our DNA, and we’ve committed to some pretty tangible promises in order to put that into action. One of which is our charity scheme.

How it works

We have committed to make 2 financial donations a year to the charity or the charitable cause we are supporting. Our focus will be on partnering with smaller local charities who are doing amazing work and are often the ones in need of funding.

During the time we support our charity, we gift them 5% of our profits. We also help out by volunteering, with each member of the SR2 team committing to at least two days a year of their time.

And as part of our promise to always be transparent, we’ll be keeping you updated with who we have been supporting, what we have been doing, where the money has gone and what impact it’s had.

(*If you want to recommend a charity, we’d be really keen to hear your ideas.)

Our current charity

At the moment we’re supporting homeless people in our community via Caring in Bristol.

Bristol has one of the highest rates of homelessness anywhere in the country, it’s around twice as high as the national average. Here at SR2 we are focusing our attentions on doing what we can to support this cause with our chosen charity partners at Caring in Bristol.

Caring in Bristol deliver projects around homelessness that engage an amazing community of volunteers, bringing people together to make change happen. They are an amazing bunch and a charity we are all thrilled to be supporting.

Want to get involved?

Want to know more about how you can get involved in our charity work, or pick our brains about what you can do to be more socially responsible in your own business? Give us a shout, any time.