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Business is changing. Just look at Google, Ben & Jerry’s or Toms. Not only are they wildly successful on a financial level, they’re also ranked as some of the most socially responsible businesses around. Today it is those businesses pursuing social responsibility that are hitting the headlines, attracting the best talent and securing long term customer loyalty.

At SR2 we believe that we can only call ourselves truly successful if we go beyond pure profit and look at how we treat our clients, our candidates and our staff. In fact it was entrepreneur and visionary Dale Partridge’s book People Over Profits that inspired our Managing Director Chris Sheard to set up the company in the first place.

SR2 stands for Socially Responsible Recruitment, with a double bottom line that measures our contribution to society as well as our monthly turnover figures. We want to combine best practice in recruitment with customer service and integrity, honesty and transparency. Which is no easy task – but then we’re a pretty determined bunch of people.

The SR2 team

With too many years of experience to count in IT recruitment, working with companies of various shapes and sizes from start-up to multinational, Chris and the founding partners have a pretty comprehensive view of the industry. They also have a vision of a different way of doing things – one that is not only financially successful but socially responsible.

For all of us here at SR2, it’s about getting that perfect balance. Sure, we like the good things in life. But we like making a positive impact on the people around us even more. And we believe it’s possible to do both.

Our promise (actually, promises)

Here’s what we’re committed to doing to put our vision of a socially responsible IT recruitment company into action:

  • We will give 5% of our profits to a different charity every 12 months
  • We will also give our time to support that charity through volunteering
  • We will treat our recruiters fairly and ensure they enjoy their life as well as their job
  • We will work hard to support and improve gender equality within the IT industry
  • We will give back to our local Tech Community by supporting and sponsoring Meetups
  • We will help our clients to the very best of our ability and always go over and above
  • We will be up front about what we can’t (or don’t, or won’t) do, and always be transparent
  • We will always give feedback whether it’s positive or negative.

And we’ll always be polite too. Because that’s important.

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The world of IT recruitment is changing, and we’re leading the way. So join us.