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An Introduction To Women Rock

An Introduction to Women Rock

Alicia Teagle

Co-Founder at SR2 – Socially Responsible Recruitment
STEM Ambassador & Volunteer | Yena Host and Curator

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So here it goes, my name is Alicia Teagle, an IT recruiter from Bristol, Yes you heard it, I’m a recruiter. I hope you soon get to realise that we are not all the same but I won’t bore you with any blah blah blah about why I’m different because I’m just me. This isn’t about me, well some of it is, but this is for all the women in IT, this is for you and this is for us. Over the last 4 years, I have been a huge supporter for women in the tech scene but always felt I could do so much more, and this is the start of my more. I love to build new relationships every day and in starting this blog which is by the way, a lot harder than you think. I have the backing of some of the South West’s best companies who are supporting this with me and you’re all invited to join.

What is Women Rock?

Firstly this is a light hearted, personable blog, nothing forced or over the top. Everyone is aware that women are currently underrepresented in the UK technology sector and their share in the sector has fallen from 33% in 2002 to 27% today. According to the ONS in 2017, looking at tech and telco professionals in the UK, only 3.9% were female programmers and software developers, a number that has gone down from 10% in 2007, and that looks to continue to be a challenge in the coming years! Only 3,775 women registered by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service to take up a STEM degree in 2016 and the overall tech talent pipeline potentially looks further stressed and short of female talent.

This is the industry from a woman’s perspective I spend my days speaking to women both in and out of work, students, entrepreneurs and also companies about what they are doing to attract, retain and promote female talent in the South West. On a positive note, there is some great stuff going on already in the South West and I want to use this platform to share and promote that. I am a woman in technology and I also work in a male dominated environment, albeit in a slightly different capacity being IT recruitment. I want to create a community of strong ass women in Bristol, a city that champions diversity. I have a favourite quote that Emma Button, Software Development Manager at Microgen Financial Systems once posted ‘The secret to being a kick-ass women in a male dominated environment is to be bloody good at it’ I have it on my screen to remind me every day and you should too.

Included in this blog will be my conversations with Women across the South West. We will discuss their successes, their struggles, challenges and their frustrations about the IT industry from a women’s perspective. I am also a STEM ambassador within schools, and a backer and sponsor of the 2020 campaign. I will be speaking with different companies to investigate and showcase what they are doing to help attract, retain and promote women within their business. As I said earlier, there is a lot of really good stuff going on locally, I just don’t think we are sharing it and shouting about it enough so that others can follow suit.

One thing I ask for everyone reading this is don’t be naïve to think this isn’t happening and that this isn’t something that needs to be talked about and improved upon, because it does and we all need to work together to improve it. Women in technology find themselves outnumbered and often marginalized and I want to create a platform where we can pull together and start a South West movement. I know there’s a huge network of women in tech in the South West and I am confident if we are working together and shouting loud enough we can transform the industry and create a positive movement.

Please join the group, please add all of your female colleagues, if you have a story to share then let’s hear it.

Welcome to Women Rock.

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