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“If You Have A Fixed Idea Of Your Plan, You Might Not See New Opportunities Open Up.” – An Interview With Jane Such

“If you have a fixed idea of your plan, you might not see new opportunities open up.” – An interview with Jane Such

Introducing you to Sophie Edensor's Zoom Women Rock interview with Jane Such, a Client Principal…

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”Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down.” – An Interview With Paul Forster

”Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” – An Interview with Paul Forster

I've been really looking forward to getting Paul onto Women Rock and super excited to…

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”When You’re Not Part Of A Minority Group But Represent Them, It’s Powerful.”

”When you’re not part of a minority group but represent them, it’s powerful.”

“Language is really really important...recognise looking at the group - do I need to be…

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How Do We Stop Going Backwards? By Tiffany Dawson And Alicia Teagle.

How do we stop going backwards? by Tiffany Dawson and Alicia Teagle.

How do we stop going backwards when it comes to D&I? As a co-founder of…

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”There Are 2 Sides To Every Story” – An Interview With Alison Wright.

”There are 2 sides to every story” – An interview with Alison Wright.

A couple of weeks ago now, back when popping out the office for a quick…

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“Being Confident And Believing In Your Own Self-worth Is Necessary To Achieving Your Potential.” – An Interview With Lucy Grimwade
A Boy With Two Hearts – An Interview With Hamed Amiri

A Boy With Two Hearts – An interview with Hamed Amiri

Introducing you to Women Rock's debut video interview with Hamed Amiri. I was introduced to…

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”Work Hard, Have Fun” – An Interview With The Skinners

”Work Hard, Have Fun” – An Interview with the Skinners

This interview has been a long time coming and one which I am very proud…

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”You Make Your Own Luck!” An Interview With Gill Love

”You make your own luck!” An interview with Gill Love

Gill is Head of Development Services for the Technical Documents team at Vistair Systems in…

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