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Meet Darcie

Meet Darcie

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Darcie Cornish to the SR2 family. As…

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This Is My Shot To Do What I Want To Do! An Interview With Genesis Self-Fordham

This is my shot to do what I want to do! An interview with Genesis Self-Fordham

Genesis is a full-stack developer at Ecotricity, Bristol. I met her at the WTHub last year. She is…

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Don’t Stop Following Your Path, No Matter What Others Will Tell You. An Interview With Karen Copley

Don’t stop following your path, no matter what others will tell you. An Interview with Karen Copley

What’s behind the world’s most loved pizza company? Fun and innovative people who are driven…

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Meet Our Ambassadors.

Meet our Ambassadors.

  Ben Hutchings, EMEA Talent Partner Ben has been in the recruitment game for over 7…

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I Can’t Do It By Myself We Need To Do It Together! An Interview With Eriol Fox

I can’t do it by myself we need to do it together! An interview with Eriol Fox

Eriol, is a multi-skilled designer with 9 years of experience with awesome UX and Interaction…

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Women Have To Harness Their Power – It’s Absolutely True. It’s Just Learning Not To Take The First No. And If You Can’t Go Straight Ahead, You Go Around The Corner.’
Incorporating Women And Tech To Achieve Something Great! An Interview With Gapsqaure

Incorporating women and tech to achieve something great! An interview with Gapsqaure

Zara Nanu founded Gapsquare in 2015 to bring data science smarts to the challenges of…

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Life Does Not Ask What We Want It Presents Us With Options. An Interview With Rachel Reveley

Life does not ask what we want it presents us with options. An interview with Rachel Reveley

I get such a kick from seeing women achieving, not giving up easily when they…

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You Can Develop Skills But You Can’t Train A Personality, A Bristol Success Story

You can develop skills but you can’t train a personality, a Bristol success story

I have a lot of plans for Women Rock and I am excited to share…

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