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Status quo.

If you’re currently working in recruitment, you’ll know that it can be an exhilarating and rewarding career. It can also be extremely high pressured, overly competitive, wildly unstable, and really not all that good for your work-life balance.

At SR2 we don’t run things that way. Mostly because we’ve been there and we didn’t like it. We’re all for success, we just define it slightly differently to the rest of the industry. So here’s a snapshot of what it’s like to work with us.

What we Offer

A people-first culture:

This is our founding value, part of our DNA, and something everyone we work with signs up to.

Competitive commission:

Forget thresholds; you’ll earn on everything you bill.

True work-life balance:

You don’t have to slog through a 60 hour week to be successful here. In fact, we’re big fans of the Friday 4pm finish and the occasional two hour lunch break.

Autonomy and accountability:

You’re an adult, so that’s how we’re going to treat you. We trust our team.

Ongoing support:

That said, we’ll also give you the coaching and support you need to thrive – all we ask for in return is hard work and passion.

Great incentives:

Lunch clubs, early finishes, trips away, a bottle of bubbles – whatever floats your boat, we’ll look into sorting it out for you.


What we don’t offer

An onsite gym:

It’s 100 yards away, but if you pass your probation we will pay for your membership.

A beer fridge:

It’s on tap 30 yards away though, and if you deserve a beer at 4pm then off you go and enjoy it.

A ping pong table:

We’re not Google, and let’s face it – who actually plays ping pong on a regular basis?

The ‘World’s Best Commission Scheme’:

How would we prove that anyway? But ours is very competitive.

A threshold:

You bill, you earn. Which seems by far the fairest way to us.

Irrelevant KPI’s, spreadsheets, and anything else that makes an already tough job any tougher:

Well really, why would we?

Committed to Gender Equality

IT – it’s for guys, right? Well no, actually. We’re working closely with our partners at GapSquare to help support and improve gender equality within the IT industry. How? Glad you asked.

GapSquare uses clever data-driven technology to analyse companies’ gender pay gap. This not only makes it easier for them to comply with new UK regulations on reporting pay gaps, but also challenges them to think about diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace.

By analysing the gap by department, occupation and other variables, GapSquare can build tailor-made recommendations that help tackle the talent shortages often experienced in the IT sector and support companies to build a sustainable, happy and equitable workforce.

We practice what we preach, with a neutral gender pay gap here at SR2.


Want to join us?

If you see the ‘me’ in ‘team’, this isn’t the right place for you. But if you get excited about fulfilling your potential alongside giving back, seeing others succeed and sharing your knowledge, then we’re going to be a good match.

Anything else you want to know? Just ask.